Friday, September 18, 2009

Giving and Receiving

I've learned a lot about giving and receiving this summer. Mostly receiving. Without going into a lot of detail this has been the toughest summer of our married life. Things were going smoothly and then the cart was turned over! Terry's overtime was cut but that was ok because I was working, then we found out we were having twins and i've been on bedrest off and on. Needless to say we couldn't pay all of our bills. Especially with the Dr. bills that you have to pay in order to be seen by the doctor. And I have to see 2 doctors!
I've always been a pretty giving person. I enjoy helping others and often feel God urging me to do so. I definitely am a cheerful giver. However, being a gracious receiver is another story. My first reaction is to say "no, don't do that for me." I've never realized how important it is to be a gracious receiver until I was in such need. Our prayers were that God would help us and bless us and provide for all of our needs. But why did i feel so guilty when someone gave to me?
God had a big lesson to teach me! If I didn't allow others to give to me and to bless me then I was stealing their joy. I was not allowing them to be the cheerful giver that God had instructed them to be. If I didn't willingly accept the blessings that I had prayed for not only was I standing in the way of God's plan but I was stopping the other person from doing what they were supposed to do.
Now, If I prayed for God to bless us and help us and get us out of the bad situation how much sense did it make for me to not accept help from "others" when God was the one who sent them? It is very humbling to be in our situation. At some point or another most people get there and it's not a fun place to be. I always knew that God was there and I was very aware of His presence and so grateful to Him for carrying me through the valley.
Things are looking better now but my prayer is that the valley will always be in my peripheral vision so i will remain thankful and humbled.

So the next time someone wants to give you something or do something for you, please allow them to. You never know how much God has impressed on their hearts to do and you don't want to steal their blessing or their joy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

26 weeks and counting

Well, I haven't been good at keeping up with this blog but here I am at 26 weeks, on modified bed rest and still growing some sweet baby girls! We had a scare where Gracie Jo wasn't growing as fast as Avaleigh but she has finally caught up and now we're just watching to make sure she doesn't get behind again. Bedrest is not so easy for me, but maybe it's just slowing me down to get me ready for not getting to just jump up and go anywhere at anytime! Probably won't be so easy with 2 babies with me. Anyway just keep up in your prayers as we wait to see what God's gonna do in our lives!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I don't like...

Ok, so i'm gonna post a blog about things I don't like. Melissa over at Stafford Stories started it and so here I list of "don't likes"

...I don't like the smell of eggs in the morning, and it's not just because i'm pregnant, they're stinky!

...I don't like to take out the trash. Somehow I feel like it's not my job.

...I don't like when people don't make their kids mind.

...I don't like it when people tell me "just wait until you have"...a boy, or 2 at the same time, or there's no way your next children can be as good as Ali.....Yes, she is a good child but i'd like to think Terry and I had a little something to do with that too...I mean she didn't raise herself!

...I don't like rowdiness in the house. I like to have fun but I also like my home peaceful. (I mean do you really think Terry's very loud?)

...I don't like it when kids are mean to other kids

...I don't like getting hot.

...I don't like when people are disrespectful to their parents.

...I don't like to wash the dishes. I always make a mess!

...I don't like rude cashiers. I hate it when they don't greet you!

...I don't like being late.

...I don't like being unprepared, however, that happens alot!

...I don't like negative people. They drag me down.

Well, i'm sure there's much more but all this don't likes is kind of yucky!!! So maybe tomorrow I'll post a blog about my likes!~!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's been a while!

Well, as usual, I haven't posted in a while. Let's see what's happened in the last month....Ali had an appointment in Little Rock with a specialist and tomorrow we are going to Ark. Children's Hospital for a colonoscopy and and EGD. They don't really know what they are looking for but this is the first step in determining the cause for her abdominal pain. I've had 3 ultrasounds since I last posted. They were all great. We had the triple-quad screening done for the twins to determine down's syndrome and both babies are fine! We still don't know if we have boys or girls but hopefully we can find that out monday at my next appointment! It's driving me crazy that I don't know what they are yet but i'll find out soon enough. I just need to be patient. Well, i've gotta go, this is our 2nd day of "cleansing" to get ready for Ali's tests tomorrow and i've gotta go fix her some more Miralax!! Fun!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ali Turns "11"

Well, Today is my baby girl's eleventh birthday. I can't believe how the time has passed. Here we are, married 14 years, have an 11 year old and twins on the way. I never ever would've pictured myself in this place. Thank God for all of his blessings. Ali has spent the whole entire day with her cousin. I haven't even seen her today because she spent the night with her last night. She called me this morning to tell me that Doe Doe (my mom) called her and told her happy i sang to her and wished her a happy birthday. She just giggled. I know she enjoyed the attention. Her daddy called her from work and told her happy birthday and he said she liked it. He also said she texted him about 15 times from her cousin's phone. She loves texting...i'm so glad we haven't gotten her a phone yet! We'd never have conversations. I'm not sure the right age for cell phones but we're thinking like 7th grade. We'll see. Anyway we're going to have a small party for her Saturday with friends and family.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great Appointment Today

Today I had a Dr. appointment and everything went great. My blood pressure was 120/73. Very good! I've only gained 1 pound so far. The babies heartbeats were strong and they are measuring about 5 cm. each. they both are growing at the same pace which is good because it's a sign that one is not taking from the other. The were very active, just wiggling around and bobbing their heads. I am 10 weeks 4 days and I'm measuring 18 weeks!!! OMG I can't believe that i'm measuring that big! She said i'll really be tripping when i'm measuring 50 weeks! She said I could resume all activities. I'm not restricted at all. I also don't have to see her for another month and will see the specialist at around 18-20 weeks. I was very proud of all the good news! Praise God!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Praising God!

Everything went well at the Dr. today! The ultrasound was great! Both babies heartbeats were very strong. Baby A was 177 and baby B was 181. The tear looked much better and the dr. said it was nothing to be concerned about and that it was repairing itself. She said come back next week and we'd do another ultrasound. Both babies were moving around so much! They were wiggling and moving their legs and arms. She said take it easy, no pushing, pulling or too much activity. I can do that!